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About ALMI Construction

With over 20 years experience as a mason contractor we have provided Westchester and surrounding areas with exceptional service. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service and completed projects for our clients. We are a small, well-defined, creative crew with strong work and business ethics. We maintain proper licensing and insurance that exceeds state and industry requirements.


Our knowledge and ability extend past new construction. We have the knowledge and passion to restore, repair and maintain all types of masonry while keeping in mind the historical nature of the project. We thoroughly troubleshoot the issues in order to provide an accurate condition analysis which allows us to properly determine the extent of the damage.


  1. Are they licensed? If a masonry contractor is licensed, that means they have been certified by the state. When your hire a licensed contractor you are ensuring safe, secure masonry work.
  2. Are they bonded and insured? A mason contractor must maintain the proper insurance and bonds for every project. This way if something is to go wrong during the project it will be taken care of by the mason contractor.
  3. Can they provide references from previous projects? The majority of reliable masonry contractors will be able to refer you to former clients. You can talk to these individuals and ask them for details of their experience.
  4. Are they knowledgeable? It is the mason contractor's job to help the client understand the true needs of their building.
  5. Is your project historic? The mason contractor should have an strong understanding of the historic products and the techniques.
  6. Are they able to assess the source of the problem. Is the issue caused by normal deterioration? Accelerated deterioration? Design flaw? Neglect? Improper maintenance? Trauma? Improper Installed materials?
  7. Thoroughly research quotes. It may be tempting to choose the masonry contractor with the least expensive quote. However, it can be costly to repair the mistakes made by an inexperienced mason. The price should be considered along with their experience and qualifications.

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