Brick Work

Brick Work

Bricks are a solid, hollow, or indented building element, usually rectangular, but are also produced in other shapes for special purposes. They are most commonly manufactured from clay, concrete, sand and lime. Brick is an excellent material that comes in a wide variety of colors and styles and is extremely durable.

The world's most beautiful homes are built using brick. Brick homes built hundreds of years ago are still standing, and look as distinguished today as they did the day they were built. Nothing else can match its elegance and classic style. Brick is one of the world's oldest building materials. It is fireproof, pest and weather resistant.


The advantages of utilizing brick for your project are that brick is virtually maintenance free, will not burn, is energy efficient, blocks sound, and is excellent for resale. The sound blocking qualities and the warm, cozy look of bricks means that they can be very efficient design elements. Brick work is cheaper, easier, and quicker to lay than stone, and is actually stronger for a given wall thickness.

The disadvantages of utilizing brick for your project are that bricks tend to be heavy and must be built upon a strong foundation, usually reinforced concrete, to avoid settling and cracking. Brick structures can be expensive to repair and can be difficult to change or update for a new look.

Brick Facts

  1. Brick is the oldest manufactured product.
  2. Brick homes average a 6% higher resale price than non-brick homes.
  3. Brick can save the home owner 8-15% in heating and cooling cost.
  4. Brick can save the home owner up to 50% in insurance cost.
  5. The Great Wall of China is made of 3,873,000,000 individual bricks.
  6. Brick creates very little waste when manufactured.

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