Nowadays, there are ample building materials to choose from for your patio surface. The materials you choose should always blend with the surroundings and other elements used in the garden or landscape, while providing the right surface for the intended use of the patio. Most people only think about materials in terms of cost but this should not be the only consideration. Your needs do not always require the cheapest patio material. On the contrary, you also need to think about what patio materials are going to last for a long time and what kind of maintenance each type of material needs.

When you are determining your budget for the patio, you must take into account the maintenance costs of each type of patio material. You may find that you are better off choosing a more expensive but durable patio material up front rather than choosing a cheaper one that has a higher average maintenance cost. Also, make sure that you include any additional walkways or paths that need to be built into your budget.


Real stone: Stone has the most natural look, the highest level durability and is the most expensive of all the patio materials. It requires advanced skills to install due to the fact that each stone greatly varies in shape and size. Additionally, mortar compound is used to adjoin these stones and settles as it dries. It is designed to wear well in high-traffic, needs little maintenance and can last for decades.

Stone Veneer: Stone veneer generally contains most of the benefits and advantages of real stone but is a lighter and less expensive. It is also as durable as most patio materials. It requires minimal maintenance. In addition, stone veneers are much easier to find in the market.

Brick: Brick is the most popular choice for patios. This type of patio material offers a traditional look in terms of warm, earthy colors, lasts a long time, and is extremely durable in cold climates. Bricks can be installed on sand base or concrete pavement. The color of brick is an attractive choice for a patio, especially if it is surrounded by a garden.

Plain Concrete: Plain concrete, also known as cement, has a high level of durability and is the most affordable patio material available. It is the cheapest and easiest material in terms of upkeep and maintenance. With that being said, it has the least natural look of all patio materials.

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